Artists, beautifying Venice, one alley streetscape at a time.


Our organization, Venice Expressed, has been working tirelessly to take back forgotten alleys in our local neighborhoods. Ridding the areas of trash, fixing dilapidated fences and finally beautifying with unforgettable artwork has been our mantra. We aim to bring to life areas that should be the playground for residents and visitors alike. Art creates a sense of community and visual stimulation 

We are guided by three intentional principles:


o The capacity to give; We realize how generous artists are and how willingly they give their time efforts, with often little to no compensation. This is an opportunity for us to return the favor and donate.


o Interest in the field; All of our involved committee members are passionate about art and beautifying communities. Each day we embrace form, function and our relationship to art as we work to rehab neighborhoods.


o Desire to contribute; Our mural artists are donating their personal time efforts and resources towards making change. One mural is complete and more are slated to start. Many volunteers gave freely with no expectation of a return beyond personal achievement.


We are only able to impact more alleys, grow its community and give exposure and opportunity to more artists with your help. If you wish to give or get involved please email us directly.

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Our Team

Elizabeth Clay



Kendra Beelen



Rachel Hemler


Executive Coordinator

Why We're Here



With a growing population, Los Angeles has experienced an influx of litter that has gradually eroded the curb appeal of our beautiful city. 

Venice Expressed is a not-for-profit that is focusing on creating an urgency to help keep our city beautiful in more ways than one. 

Our volunteers have donated time and supplies in efforts to pick up litter, groom streetscapes and restore community property. We then give local artists the opportunity to create murals in these areas which lack color and a sense of life.